FROM 10:00 to 16:00


English Breakfast kr 178

Egg, bacon, sausage, mushroom, tomato province, baked bean with tomato sauce, surdough bread. (M, Hv, E, Cn)

Eggs Benedict kr 158

2 poached eggs with ham served on brioche bread topped with hollandaise sauce with spinach. (M, Hv, E)

Baked Eggs kr 98

3 baked eggs with a choice of spinach (+kr24), bacon (+kr25), parmesan (+kr18), mushroom (+kr16), goat cheese (+kr45), tomato (+kr16) and a side of foccacia bread. (M, Hv, E)

Flapjacks Pancake kr 144

3 style pancakes served with maple glazed bacon and berries or banana. (M, Hv, E)

Plain Yogurt kr 115

With homemade granola, passion fruit coulis and fresh pineapple. (M, N, Hv, Ha)


FROM 10:00 to 22:00


Chevre Salad kr 174

Grilled goat cheese on foccacia bread, roasted peppers and roasted sweet potatoes, soaked sultanas, leaves, French dressing, caramelized walnuts, alfalfa and honey. (Hv, Vn, S, Se, M)

Scampi salad kr 184

Scampi, cherry tomatoes, avocado, romano leaves, capers, sun dried tomatoes, persil, parmesan and dressing, served with focaccia bread. (Hv, E, F, Sk, M)

Caesar Salad kr 184

Grilled chicken, romano leaves, capers, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, basil, croutons, parmesan and Caesar dressing, served with foccacia bread. (Hv, S, E, Se, M)



French Fries & Aioli kr 69


Sweet Potato Fried & Aioli kr 79


Onion Rings With Aioli kr 99

(M, Hv)

Garlic Pizzette kr 120

Freshly baked pizza bread with garlic and garlic and rosemary oil, rucola and parmesan. (M, Hv)

Mediterranean Platter kr 242

(To share) Prosciutto ham, chorizo, ham, gorgonzola, gouda, camembert, shrimps, green olives, caramelized walnuts, cherry tomatoes with sourdough bread (M,Hv, Vn, Sk, E, Su)


FROM 10:00 to 22:00

All our burgers are served with French fries and aioli. Gluten-free bread available.


The Classic kr 186

Grilled beef or chicken, cheddar, bacon, leaves, tomato & pickled cucumbers. (M, Hv, S, Se, E)

Smoked Out kr 194

Grilled BBQ beef, cheddar, bacon, chipotle aioli, fried egg, leaves, onion rings and BBQ sauce. (M, Hv, S, Se, E)

Jamaican kr 194

Grilled beef, cheddar, red onion, shrimps, tomato, pickled cucumber, pickled red onion and aioli. (M, Hv, Sk, Se, E)

Halloumi Sandwich kr 189

Grilled halloumi cheese, grilled and marinated eggplant, cooked and marinated peppers, rucola, red onion, tomato, chipotle mayo. Served in burger bread with French fries. (M, E, Hv)

Tasty Mushroom kr 194

Grilled beef, mushroom, cambozola, onion rings, leaves and aioli. (M, Hv, S, Se, E)

The Silence Of The Cow kr 189

Falafel style burger, beetroot, grilled peppers & red onion, leaves, beetroot aioli, roasted pumpkin seeds and tzatziki. (M, Hv, S, Se, N, E)

Royal kr 194

Grilled beef, goat cheese, beetroot, caramelized peppers, rucola and beetroot aioli. (M, Hv, S, Se, E)



Sweet Potato Fries kr 25

Instead of french fries.

Make It Veggie kr 20

Beyond meat burger (Vegetarian) Instead of beef burger.

Make It Fatty kr 69

Extra beef or chicken.

Extra Dressing kr 21
Gluten-Free Bread kr 9


FROM 10:00 to 16:00


Soup Of The Day kr 134

Served with bread. (Hv)

Avocado Toast kr 148

Roughly mashed avocado spread on grilled surdough with pico de gallo (chopped tomato, onion & cilantro), pickled red onion and chilli flakes. (Hv, Su, E, F)
– Extra poached egg +kr20
– Extra bacon +kr25
– Extra smoked salmon +kr30

Cuban Sandwich kr 176

Grilled foccacia with ham, cheese, Dijon mayo and homemade pickled cucumbers served with French fries. (Hv, E, M, Su, Se)
– Sweet potato fries instead +kr25

Skagen Sandwich kr 162

Shrimp, mayonnaise, cream fraiche, mustard, dill, lemon juice, pickled red onion, rocket, radish, hard roe. Served with surdough bread. (Sk, M, Hv, E, Su, Se)

Chicken Pesto Sandwich kr 182

Marinade chicken, pesto, aioli, tomato, fresh onion, salad with chimichurri. Served with surdough bread and French fries. (Hv, E, F, Su, Sf)

Veggie Mediterranean Sandwich kr 162

Foccacia bread, aioli, feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, romano salad, red onion, sliced black olives, artichoke. Served with French fries. (Hv, E, M)


Kids Cheeseburger kr 119

Grilled beef or chicken, cheddar, served with French fries and aioli.            (M, Hv, S, Se, E)

Chicken Nuggets kr 92

Served with fries and ketchup (S.)

2 Pancakes kr 89


FROM 15:00 to 22:00


Margherita kr 162

Crushed tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. (M, Hv)

Capricciosa kr 176

Crushed tomatoes, ham, mozzarella, mushrooms and artichoke. (M, Hv)

Quattro Formaggi kr 176

Mozzarella, gorgonzola, cambozola and camembert on tomato and olive base. (M, Hv)

Parma kr 186

Crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, parma ham, rucola, fresh tomatoes and parmesan. (M, Hv)

Picante kr 186

Crushed tomatoes, mozzarella, pepperoni, chorizo, red onion and jalapeno. (M, Hv)

Hawaiian kr 172

Crushed tomatoes, ham, mozzarella and pineapple. (M, Hv)

Bbq Chicken kr 186

Marinated chicken with barbeque sauce, pizza sauce, bacon, red onion and mozzarella. (M, Hv, S)




Chocolate Souffle kr 89
Lemon Pie kr 79
Laundromat Cup kr 79

Chocolate milkshake topped with cream, chocolate beans and chocolate sauce.


M: Inneholder Melk HV: Inneholder Hvete
Ha: Inneholder Havre Se: Inneholder Sennep
E: Inneholder Egg So: Inneholder Soya
Vn: Inneholder Vallnotter Sf: Inneholder Sesamfro
Sk: Inneholder Skalldyr S: Inneholder Seleri
P: Inneholder Peanotter F: Inneholder Fisk
Su: Inneholder Sulfites Cn: Inneholder Cashew notter